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A number of diseases, that have symptoms associated with the stomach, may be healed by utilizing Abies Nigra. This medication acts on the borders of the stomach and on the entire body too. It’s a really effective drug for curing the ailments pertaining to improper digestion. It’s very useful in the cases such as- anorexia, heart troubles within an old, the diseases caused by the usage of tea and tobacco, constipation, pain in the external pores of the body, etc. Occasionally, the brain stays irritate and disagreeable and a state of insanity continues, being unable in reading and writing, minor headache, faintness from the mind, strange emotions that can’t be clarified, feeling unwell, feeling hot mind, flushed cheeks, heaviness in the head, etc.

  1. Head: Hot, with flushed cheeks. Low-lively. Dull amid the day, attentive during the evening. Unfit to think.
  2. Stomach: Pain in stomach dependably goes ahead in the wake of eating. Vibe of a protuberance that damages, as though a hard-bubbled egg had stopped in cardiovascular end of stomach; nonstop upsetting choking simply over the pit of the stomach, as though everything were hitched up. Add up to loss of hunger in morning, yet awesome wanting for sustenance at twelve and night. Hostile breath. Eructations.
  3. Chest: Painful sensation, as though something were held up in the chest and must be hacked up; lungs feel packed. Can’t be completely extended. More terrible hacking; waterbrash succeeds hack. Gagging sensation in throat. Dyspnśa; more terrible resting; sharp, cutting agony in heart; heart’s activity overwhelming and moderate; tachycardia, bradycardia.
  4. Back: Pain in little of back. Rheumatic torments and hurting in bones.
  5. Sleep: Wakeful and anxious around evening time, with hunger. Terrible dreams.
  6. Fever: Alternate warmth and icy; incessant discontinuous fever, with torment in stomach.
  7. Modalities: Worse after eating.
  8. Relationship: Compare: (Lump in stomach- – China, Bryon, Pulsat); likewise different Conifers- – Thuja, Sabina, Cupressus (agonizing acid reflux) additionally Nux vom, Kali carb.
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Abies Nigra is very efficient for curing these signs. Abies Nigra is very useful in curing following ailments: –

Feeling as if something has persisted in the top section of the stomach: Occasionally, the patient feels as if something such as an egg has become entangled in the top part of the stomach, which doesn’t come out or doesn’t go down which causes stomachache, etc., Abies Nigra is very helpful for curing such symptoms.

Stomachache after having dinner

Abies Nigra provides respite from stomachache that happens after having meal. Lack of desire in the morning: – The patients, who suffer from lack of desire in the morning, however possess quickly desire to eat at noon and during the night, should take Abies Nigra for curing symptoms.

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Indigestion of old persons

Abies Nigra is very helpful for curing the signs of heart ailments with indigestion of old persons.

Indigestion caused by tea and tobacco

Indigestion along with other ailments of the stomach caused by tea and tobacco could be healed by the use of Abies Nigra. The men and women who take tea and tobacco also have symptoms such like lack of zeal and insomnia at the night. Abies Nigra is helpful for curing these symptoms.

Feeling something has entangled in the chest

The patient feels as if something has become entangled in the torso and seems that entangled item has removed after coughing, feels discomfort from the chest also, water comes from the mouth after coughing with the sensation of suffocation from the throat, etc., Abies Nigra is very helpful for curing these symptoms.

Back associated Symptoms

If an individual has been suffering from the pain in the part beneath the trunk, he must take Abies Nigra for receiving relief.

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Head associated Symptoms

Abies Nigra ought to be taken in the cases of laziness, insomnia and reddish cheeks with hot head.

Symptoms related to sleep

Abies Nigra is drug in instance of excessive appetite in the night because of insomnia.

Ear connected symptoms

Abies Nigra provides relief from the pain of the outer tube of the ear.

Throat related symptoms

Abies Nigra may be used if the patient feels hoarseness and feels as if something has stuck indoors.

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