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Abrotanum is extremely helpful medication for curing marasmus (in which the body begins drying) particularly when body organs are influenced too from this ailment. The utilization of Abrotanum is exceptionally helpful for curing sickness which happens after concealment of other illness like-gout happens because of concealment of free movements particularly on account of gout.

In the event that a kid is extremely contentious and cantankerous and hits thing with his legs which are before him or if a youngster has experienced hydrocele (development of the gonads), nose draining , and so forth., Abrotanum is exceptionally helpful.

Some of the time, an infection has happened subsequent to smothering other sickness, Abrotanum is exceptionally valuable in this condition and the ailment is cured by its utilization. For instance the bosoms or balls are amplified and turned out to be intense (hard) because of concealment parotid (ear root) amid treatment, Abrotanum will be extremely helpful.

On the off chance that looseness of the bowels or free movements are stifled subsequent to taking any rough medication and causes rheumatic diseases, Abrotanum will be exceptionally helpful for this situation.

  • Mind: glum, eager, discouraged.
  • Face: Wrinkled, cold, dry, pale. Blue rings around dull-looking eyes. Comedones, with anorexia. Nosebleed. Angioma of the face.
  • Stomach: Slimy taste. Longing for incredible, however skinniness progresses. Sustenance passes undigested. Torment in stomach; all the more terrible around night time; cutting, gnawing anguish. Stomach feels as if swimming in water; feels chilly. Gnawing longing and crying. Acid reflux, with hurling of broad measures of threatening fluid.
  • Guts: Hard bunches in guts. Extended. Exchange diarrhśa and blockage. Hćmorrhoids; visit asking; draining stools; all the more dreadful as rheumatic torments diminish. Ascarides. Flooding from umbilicus. Sensation as if guts were sinking down.
  • Respiratory: Raw feeling. Blocked breath. Dry hack following diarrhśa. Anguish across finished chest; outrageous in district of heart.
  • Back: Neck so weak can’t hold head up. Back wavering, weak, and unbearable. Distress in lumbar area extending along spermatic string. Torment in sacrum, with hćmorrhoids.
  • Furthest points: Pain in shoulders, arms, wrists, and lower legs. Pricking and coldness in fingers and feet. Legs massively thin. Joints solidified and floundering. Anguishing withdrawal of extremities (Amm mur).
    1. Skin: Eruptions turn out on go up against; are covered, and the skin twists up obviously purplish. Skin flabby and free. Furuncles. Dropping out of hair. Shivering chilblains.
    2. Modalities: Worse, chilly air, checked releases. Better, development.
    3. Relationship: Scrophularia; Bryonia; Stellaria; Benzoic destructive, in gout. Iodine, Natr mur in marasmus.

    Face-related side effects

    Abrotanum is a successful medication for wrinkled and split face, coldness of the facial skin, dryness and etiolation of the skin, seeming blue/dark circles around the eyes , nose-dying (epistaxis), and so on.

    Manifestations identified with Mind

    Abrotanum is a valuable solution in the side effects like-aggravation, unshakable nature and getting to be noticeably apprehensive effectively, disheartening, and so forth.

    Stomach related side effects

    Abrotanum ought to be taken for the treatment of side effects as-over the top craving , slick taste of the tongue , retching , horrendous torment in the stomach around evening time, and so on.

    Stomach area related side effects

    Abrotanum ought to be taken in the instances of free movements, clogging , wicked free movements, heaps and hard tumors inside the stomach.

    Indications identified with Respiratory System

    Abrotanum is extremely helpful for curing side effects like-dry hack took after by free movements, exceptional agony in the heart and the segment close it, trouble amid breathing in and breathing out .

    Back-related indications

    Abrotanum can be given to the patient when he has experienced side effects as shortcoming in the neck , exceptional agony in the back and unfit to hold the head up.

    Manifestations related with Arthritis (stiffness)

    On the off chance that a rheumatic patient has been experiencing diluet free movements, slight torment, obstruction and exacerbation torment all of a sudden, he should take Abrotanum for getting help.

    Side effects identified with the outer organs of the body

    Now and again, a patient feels torment in his shoulders, arms , wrists, lower legs and feels pricking torment in the fingers and legs, torment in the hands , legs, and so forth., Abrotanum can be utilized for curing above side effects.

    Indications identified with skin maladies

    Abrotanum is a viable medication for curing indications like-ejections on the face or concealment of them in the wake of showing up, has turned out to be purple, hairs falling (alopecia), split foot rear areas with tingling sensation, and so on.


    Aconite and Bryonia are utilized for curing the swelling of the films around the lungs while Abrotanum is utilized as a part of the instance of impediment of taking in the influenced side of the lungs. So both these medications can be contrasted and each other.

    And in addition pharmaceuticals like-Iodium, Natrum-Muriaticum , Argentum-Nitricum , Lycopodium , Sani Qilla and Tuberculinum are utilized for curing rickets of the kids, Abrotanum can be additionally utilized for a similar reason.

    In ailment , Abrotanum can be contrasted and solutions like-Scrophularia nodosa , Bryonia , Benzoic corrosive and in marasmus, it can be contrasted and prescriptions as Iodine and Natrum-Muriaticum .

    Lessening of Abrotanum

    The impact of this medication is lessened exposed to the harsh elements air, by the concealment of emission and by development.


    Abrotanum ought to be taken from third to 30th potencies.

    Great weakness after influenza (Kali phos).

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