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Abrus precatorius is a climbing plant, a local of India, yet has been acquainted with the Western tropics, and its utilization as an eye cure was found by the locals of Brazil, who gave it the name Jequirity. It has ” little about globose seeds, which are of a splendid red shading, with a dark scar demonstrating where they were joined to the units” (Trees of Bot.).

These are utilized for pieces of jewelry, and as a standard of weight under the name of Raté.

The roots are utilized as a part of an indistinguishable way from liquorice roots.

  1. Relations: Think about: In ophthalmia, Ipec.
  2. Head: Migraine.
  3. Eyes: Purulent of diphtheritic irritation of the conjunctiva, on occasion influencing tops with extraordinary aggravation spreading to face, neck and chest.Cures granular ophthalmia after the irritation dies down.
  4. Gastrointestinal (stomach and intestines): burning pain in the mouth, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, bleeding and swelling of the lining of the GI tract, liver cell damage and death.
  5. Appendages: Torment in limits.
  6. Simplifications: Disquietude.
  7. Skin: Erysipelatous irritation of skin.
  8. Lupus: Sluggish ulcers.
  9. Fever: High temperature and high heartbeat.

The strategy for its work in eye affections is as per the following: Thirty two grains of the powdered seeds are permitted to douse for twenty four hours in a thousand grams of water.

The patient (with granular ophthalmia) showers his eyes with the sifted item thrice day by day for three days, toward the finish of which time he has turned into the subject of a serious conjunctivitis, which might be either purulent of more unified to the diphtheritic shape.

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By the fifteenth day the irritation stops and the granulations are observed to be abundantly lessened in measure or even decimated (B.J.H., xli. 289).

The force of the irritation adversaries not restrict itself to the eyes but rather influences the tops with an extraordinary aggravation which spreads to the face, neck, and chest.

Pioneer propounded a hypothesis that there was a particular bacillus on the Jequirity imbuement, however Klein (H. W., xix 220) and later Benson (H. W., xix 286) decisively negated this by demonstrating that the impact was created similarly well with powdered seeds, imbuement newly made and implantation in all phases of bacterial deterioration.

In the old schools Jeg. has been utilized rather than blennorrhagica contamination for the cure of granular tops.

While allopaths embrace this unrefined piece of homeopathy from the Brazilian locals there is no motivation behind why homeopaths ought not utilize Jeq. in the awakenings.

A further utilize has been made of it by Shoemaker of Philadelphia (Lancet, August 2, 1884-H. W., xx. 427) in affections of the skin demonstrating awesome cell multiplication, lupoid conditions, epithelioma sloughing ulcers.

The readiness he utilized was made as takes after: Two hundred grains of the beans are decorticated by being marginally wounded and smashed in a mortar, the red structures being deliberately picked from the cotyledons, the last are placed in a container and secured with refined water.

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They are this macerated twenty four hours, at that point exchanged to a mortar and completely triturated to a smooth glue.

Adequate water is then added to make the entire weight 800 grains.

Arranged thusly it resembles an emulsion and is connected to the surface to be treated with a huge camel hair pencil or clean.

The use of this emulsion to ulcerated surfaces is practically easy, yet soon(often inside 60 minutes) there is much bothering and irritation, the edges wind up noticeably red and invaded, encompassing tissues edematous and sparkling.

Over the span of from six to twelve hours a dried up curass like outside has shaped which breaks in twenty four hours more, and the release escapes unreservedly.

This continues for five or six days, the amount of release reducing.

The outside then isolates or is evacuated by water dressing and unveils solid granulations.

On the off chance that any unfortunate granulations are left the application is rehashed.

Shoemaker says of the consequence of this treatment, that it practices a ruinous propensity on unfortunate granulated conditions took after by a helpful change, advancing under the defensive front of the exudation which it causes, a quick improvement if solid tissue.

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Be that as it may, it must be utilized with alert, for “it might offer ascent to erysipelatous aggravation, and if utilized on feeble and touchy patients, to extraordinary protected unsettling influences.” Shoemaker gives a progression of hitting cures with the cure, yet the established impacts are more imperative to homeopaths.

They are: migraine, torment in the appendages, fever, high heartbeat.For a situation of ulcerative lupus of the two sides of the nose which was cured by five applications, the first was trailed by: a tremendous measure of aggravation, joined by discomfort, febrile intensification (103°), which endured till the covering started to dry. –

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