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Absinthium acts better on the patient of epilepsy and it is exceptionally valuable for him. At the point when the patient experiences epilepsy assaults, neuralgic throb, sudden energy , dream, obviousness , and so forth., this medication is extremely valuable in curing these manifestations. This prescription is additionally exceptionally valuable in puerile anxiety caused by ailment . In ailments caused by mushroom, shuddering in the body, neuralgia , energy (incitement), sleep deprivation , and so on., this medication is exceptionally helpful.

  1. Mind: Hallucinations. Repulsive dreams. Propensity for stealing. Loss of memory. Overlooks what has as of late happened. Needs nothing to do with anyone. Brutal.
  2. Head: Vertigo, with propensity to fall in reverse. General perplexity. Needs head low. Understudies widened unequally. Face blue. Convulsive facial jerking. Dull occipital cerebral pain (Gelsem, Picric ac).
  3. Mouth: Jaws settled. Nibbles tongue; trembles; feels as though swollen and too vast; protruding.
  4. Throat: Scalded sensation; starting at a lump.
  5. Stomach: Nausea; spewing; eructation. Enlarged around midsection and guts. Wind colic.
  6. Urine: Constant want. Extremely solid scent; profound yellow shading (Kali phos).
  7. Sexual: Darting torment in right ovary. Spermatorrhśa, with loose, enfeebled parts. Untimely menopause.
    1. Chest: Sensation of weight on chest. Sporadic, wild activity of heart can be heard in back.
    2. Extremities: Pain in appendages. Immobile symptoms.
    3. Relationship: Compare: Alcohol; Artemisia; Hydrocy corrosive; Cina; Cicuta.

    Head-related side effects

    Absinthium is utilized as a part of cases as-state of falling in reverse because of quick tipsiness, an excess of deception and want for holding pad under the head, mayhem students, confront has turned as blue, feeling of slight agony in the back bit of the head, and so on.

    Mouth-related side effects

    Absinthium is utilized as a part of cases as-bolted jaw , cutting the tongue with teeth , amazing of the tongue, feels as though the tongue has expanded in the wake of swelling, and so forth.

    Mind-related side effects

    Now and again, when the patient has been experiencing side effects as-hallucination, frail memory , want for taking, fear from repulsive things, obscure about his environment, no enthusiasm for keeping connection with others, coldblooded natured, and so on., the utilization of Absinthium is exceptionally advantageous.

    Throat-related manifestations

    Once in a while, persistent feels as though his throat has consumed with high temp water or something round is hanging, and so on., the utilization of Absinthium is valuable in these side effects.

    Stomach-related indications

    Absinthium can be utilized to cure indications as-feeling disgust , spewing, burping, the stomach has expanded because of arrangement of gas inside it, and so forth.

    Indications related with Urine

    Absinthium is a viable medication for curing the want of continuous pee , hostile resemble pee and profound yellow pee.

    Manifestations related with Reproductive frameworks

    On the off chance that a lady has been experiencing cutting agony in right segment of the ovary, frail and free penis after emanation, early menopause , and so forth., Absinthium is extremely valuable for curing these indications.

    Bosoms related side effects

    Some of the time, the patient feels as though there is weight on his chest and sporadic pulse and heart beat has progressed toward becoming as vibrate that is heard in the back, and so forth., Absinthium is exceptionally valuable solution for curing such kind of side effects.

    Manifestations of the outer organs of the body

    Absinthium ought to be utilized as a part of the cases like-torment in hands and legs, disabled indications, and so on.


    Absinthium can be contrasted and medicate Artemisia vulgris , Hydrocyanicum corrosive , Cina , Surasaar, secuta virosa and so forth.


    Absinthium ought to be utilized as first to sixth potencies.

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