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Absinthium(Common Worm Wood)

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Absinthium(Common Worm Wood)

The main action of Absinthium is on the brain. It is very useful in epilepsy.    In   the  epilepsy  associated  with  bluing  of  the  body (Cyanosis) and violent twisting of the hands and feet (as in Cuprum), Absinthium may also be indicated.   Before the epileptic fit, there is intense  nervousness,  restlessness,  nausea,  visual  hallucinations  and delusions.  The body trembles and the tongue may be caught between the teeth.   There is froth at the mouth and then the patient becomes unconscious.  In addition to the mental anxiety, there is loss of sleep. Hysteria may also ensue. The clinical picture of Absinthium epilepsy is  similar  to  that  of  having  ingested  poisonous  mushrooms.    One should be very careful in picking mushrooms from the fields because many of them are very poisonous.Only  the experts can properly recognise them.
The Absinthium patient is afraid of going into the open and being at high altitudes.  He feels dizzy and may fall backwards.  His memory is  weak  and  he  is  very  superstitious.    He  becomes  indifferent  to everything.  His mind is confused.  The pupils are unequal in size and move in different directions.  The vision is blurred and there is pain at the nape of the neck (as in Gelsemium).
The Absinthium patient also exhibits gastric symptoms such as loss of appetite,  indigestion, belching, nausea, vomiting, fullness of the stomach and intense  flatulence.   The patient is usually constipated. There is frequent urination and the urine is deep coloured and has a foul, pungent odour.Sometimes, the tongue  becomes swollen and protrudes out of the mouth.  It trembles and speech is difficult.  There are symptoms of numbness and weakness.
Women  who  go  into  menopause  prematurely  will  benefit  from Absinthium.It will reinstate their menstrual cycle if other  basic features of Absinthium are also present.
There is a heaviness in the chest over the area of the heart.    The heartbeat is rapid but irregular.The throat feels scalded, sore and swollen, and the person feels as if a ball is stuck in the throat.  The feet are very cold, the back and shoulders hurt, the muscles quiver and there may be tonic convulsions.
Potency:30 or more, or less according to the experience of the homeopath.

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