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Acetanilidum avoids circulatory strain and makes the heart and respiratory capacities typical, helps in falling of the body temperature. This is a valuable solution for curing illnesses of ecchymosis (Neel) and Collapse (Nipaat). It can cure the sensibility of icy. This pharmaceutical is likewise valuable if there should be an occurrence of yellowness (etiolation) inside the eyes.

  1. Head: Enlarged sensation. Blacking out. Moral corruption.
  2. Eyes: Pallor of optic plates, contracted visual field and contracting retinal vessel; mydriasis.
  3. Heart: Weak, unpredictable, with blue mucous layers, albuminuria, śdema of feet and lower legs.
  4. Relationship: Compare: Antipyrin.
  5. Dosage: Used as a calming and antipyretic for different types of cerebral pain and neuralgia in measurements of one to three grains. For the homeopathic signs utilize the third intensity.
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Eye-related indications

Acetanilidum is a valuable solution for closure indications as-retinal yellowness, eyes withdrawal, disarray understudies, and so forth.

Head-related side effects

In the event that the patient feels augmented head, oblivious and he doesn’t comprehend that what is occurring? Persistent doesn’t comprehend what ought to be done or not, and so forth., Acetanilidum is extremely valuable medication for curing such kind of manifestations.

Heart-related side effects

Acetanilidum ought to be utilized for curing side effects as-heart shortcoming , abnormity in the blue mucous films of the heart, agony of the legs and lower legs, silt like nourishment particles in pee, and so on.

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Acetanilidum can be contrasted and Antipyrinum .


On the off chance that the patient has experienced fever and neuralgic agony, should take 1 to 3 grains of Acetanilidum. Utilize third intensity for Homeopathic treatment.

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