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ACETIC ACID is extremely valuable medication for curing iron deficiency . This solution is additionally exceptionally valuable in the shortcoming of the body , visit obviousness , troublesome breathing , and diabetes mellitus, bountiful sweating, seeping from any piece of the body, body etiolation, free, heavy muscles with body shortcoming, and so on.

This pharmaceutical is additionally exceptionally helpful for curing tumor of the upper skin and disease of both the inside and outer body organs.

Natural History.
Glacial Acetic Acid. HC2H3O2.
(Distilled water is used for attenuations IX and I, very dilute spirit for 3X and up to 4, rectified spirit for 5 and higher.)

Anaesthetic, antidote to.
Narcotics, antidote to.
Sausage-poisoning, antidote to.
Stomach, cancer of.

The leading features of acetic acid are excessive wasting and debility, anaemia with waxy pallor of face, intense thirst, burning in throat, nausea, retching, and sour rising as met with in cases of cancer and debility.
There are gnawing, ulcerative pains in stomach, pain and burning in abdomen.
Profuse, exhausting diarrhoea.
It has been used in diabetes.
It corresponds to putrid and hectic fevers with night sweats, hemorrhages, varicose swellings, and dropsies.
As a type of vinegar effects may be mentioned the following: A plump and blooming young woman took a small glass daily to reduce size.
Soon lost flesh and color.
In a month cough set in with white concocted phlegm, fever, dyspnea, night sweats, anorexia, dropsy, diarrhoea, death.
Lungs after death were found stuffed with non-suppurating tubercles.
A young German, after working twelve months in a vinegar factory, was obliged to leave from indigestion, dyspnea, and ready fatigue.
It is suited to children and old people, to lax, pale, lean persons.
(Equal parts of vinegar and hot water make a refreshing sponge-down for many conditions of fever, with or without perspiration.)

Compare: Apis, Ars. (but Acet-ac. has more preponderant gastric symptoms than either), Carb-ac., Lac-d., Lac-ac., Uran-n. Large doses of Acet-ac. are best antidoted by Magnesia or Calcarea either as fluid magnesia or as lime-water.
Antidotes to potencies are: For depressing, agonizing feeling, Tab., Acon., for gastric, pulmonary and febrile symptoms, Nat-m., and afterwards Sep.
It antidotes: Anaesthetic, Acon., Asar., Coffea, Euph., Ign., Opium, Plumb. (colic), Sep., Stram., Tab. It counteracts sausage-poisoning.
It aggravates the effects of Bell., Merc., Arn., Lach. Disagrees when given after Borax, Caust., Nux-v., Ran-b., Sars.: Scilla, Colch., and Sang. have more effect in curing some diseases when prepared with Acet-ac. than with Alcohol.

Very dull and low-spirited, irritable.
Alternate stupor and delirium.
Confusion of ideas.
Grieves much, sighs often.
Horrible attacks of anxiety with difficult breathing.
Vertigo with feebleness and fainting.

Heaviness and dull pains in forehead and vertex.
Headache from abuse of tobacco, opium, coffee, or alcohol.

Liable to frequent catarrhal attacks.
Nose-bleed, especially from a fall or a blow.

Expression wild, pupils dilated.
Face pale, waxen.
Left cheek (especially) very red during fever.
Bright red flush on both cheeks.
Sweat on forehead in spots.

Teeth feel dull, breath foul.
Scorbutic ulcers, toothache.
Taste sour.
Epithelium of mouth quite white.
Tongue pale and flabby.

Children thirsty, but swallow with difficulty even a teaspoonful of water.
White false membranes in throat.

Insatiable burning thirst.
Shrieks for water at night.
Intense thirst, nausea, and frequent vomiting.
Disgust for salted things and cold victuals.
Cold drinks lie heavy.
Vegetables, except potatoes, disagree, also bread and butter still more.
Contents of stomach feel as if in a ferment, violent burning pain in stomach and in chest, followed by coldness of the skin and cold sweat on forehead.
Indurations in stomach.
Scirrhus of pylorus.

Distension of the abdomen, colicky pains.
Abdomen feels as if sunken in when lying on his back.

Stool and Anus.
Diarrhoea, with great thirst, drinking large quantities with apparent impunity.
Diarrhoea, with swelling of legs and feet (phthisical subjects).
Diarrhoea, with colic pains and tenderness of the abdomen.
Hemorrhage from bowels.
Chronic constipation.
Chronic diarrhoea of children with great emaciation.
Constipation, with great thirst and excess of pale urine.

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Urinary Organs.
Urine increased in quantity, pale, phosphatic, diabetes, with intense, burning, unending and unquenchable thirst and great debility.

Male Sexual Organs.
Weakening emissions, semen passes at stool.
Prepuce thickened, fissured, can’t be retracted and itches fearfully.
Sexual passion, but feeble erection.

Female Sexual Organs.
Metrorrhagia, after parturition, with great thirst.

Respiratory Organs.
Hoarse, with laryngeal irritation.
Lining membrane of larynx and trachea covered with a fibrinous exudation as in true croup.
Hissing respiration, with rattling in the throat.
Croup-like cough, a hollow sound with each inhalation.

Myelitis, with profuse urine, the pain in the back relieved only by lying on the abdomen.

Edematous swelling of the feet and legs.

Jumps out of bed like a madman, and crawls on the ground, howling with pain.
Great emaciation.
Skin pale and waxen.
General anasarca and dropsical affections.
Burning in inner and outer parts.

Tetter-like eruptions.
Nevi, warts, corns.


Skin cold.
Slow fever with night sweats.
Profuse perspiration.
Putrid and typhous fevers.

The utilisation of this medication is helpful in female issue with joints torment , tumors and stomach gas .

  1. Brain: Irritable, stressed over business issues.
  2. Head: Nervous cerebral pain, from manhandle of opiates. Blood races to head with ridiculousness. Fleeting vessels stretched. Torment crosswise over foundation of tongue.
  3. Face: Pale, waxen, withered. Eyes indented, encompassed by dull rings. Splendid red. Sweat-soaked. Epithelioma of lip. Cheeks hot and flushed. Hurting in left jaw-point.
  4. Stomach: Salivation. Maturation in stomach. Serious consuming thirst. Chilly beverages trouble. Spews after each sort of sustenance. Epigastric delicacy. Consuming agony starting at a ulcer. Disease of stomach. Harsh burping and heaving. Consuming waterbrash and plentiful salivation. Hyperchlorhydria and gastralgia. Rough consuming torment in stomach and chest, trailed by coldness of skin and chilly sweat on brow. Stomach feels as though she had taken a great deal of vinegar.
  5. Stomach area: Feels as though belly was soaking in. Visit watery stools, more awful in morning. Tympanitic. Ascites. Hæmorrhage from insides.
  6. Pee: Large amounts of pale pee. Diabetes, with extraordinary thirst and debility (Phos air conditioning).
  7. Female: Excessive catamenia. Hæmorrhages after work. Sickness of pregnancy. Bosoms agonizingly expanded, extended with drain. Drain devastated, somewhat blue, straightforward, acrid. Anæmia of nursing moms.
  8. Respiratory: Hoarse, murmuring breath; troublesome breathing; hack while breathing in. Membranous croup. Aggravation of trachea and bronchial tubes. False layer in throat. Abundant bronchorrhœa. Rotten sore throat (swish).
  9. Back: Pain in back, diminished just by lying on midriff.
  10. Furthest points: Emaciation. Œdema of feet and legs.
  11. Skin: Pale, waxen, œdematous. Consuming, dry, hot skin, or showered in bountiful sweat. Reduced sensibility of the surface of body. Helpful after stings, chomps, and so on. Varicose swellings. Scurvy; anasarca. Wounds; sprains.
  12. Fever: Hectic, with soaking night-sweats. Red spot on left cheek. No thirst in fever. Ebullitions. Sweat bountiful, icy.
  13. Relationship: Acetic corrosive is antitoxin to all anæsthetic vapors. Neutralizes frankfurter harming.
  14. Think about: Ammon acet (Profuse saccharine pee, quiet is showered in sweat). Benzoin oderiferum- – Spice-wood (night sweats). Ars; China; Digitalis; Liatris (General anasarca in heart and kidney ailment, dropsy, and perpetual diarrhœa).
  15. Measurements: Third to thirtieth strength. Not to be rehashed time after time, aside from in croup.

Utilizing 1x arrangement of Acetic corrosive makes the ulcer delicate and develop and helps in the development of discharge and curing them.

Acidic corrosive ought to be given to such patients who have been experiencing side effects as-diabetes mellitus, constant free movements , tuberculosis with the sentiment consuming sensation, rough thirst, absence of thirst amid fever, and so on cool refreshments ought not be taken in the wake of utilizing this medication.

In the event that the patient is rationally irritated and his physical condition is likewise embarrassment; his is as much aggravated rationally as he can’t recollect any early occurrence; the patient can’t distinguish his own youngsters and he supposes foreboding considerations; quiet ends up plainly fractious personality and continues contemplating his business constantly, and so on., Acetic corrosive ought to be utilized for curing such mental side effects.

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Acidic corrosive is extremely valuable medication for curing side effects as-objection of hack amid endless tuberculosis, swollen hands and feet that begins from hands, free movement, trouble in breathing in, fever with tuberculosis, abundant sweating around evening time, seeping from lungs , consuming sensation in chest and stomach, whirrhing sound in the chest, and so forth.

The utilization of Acetic corrosive is advantageous in the instances of damage , chloroform and after the operation. This medication additionally helps for checking toxic substance of pooch and feline gnawing. It obliterates the mishandle of toxin.

Head-related indications

Acidic corrosive is extremely helpful solution for curing side effects as-migraine , feeling fast course of blood towards head with energy , extending of the sanctuary nerves, feeling torment from one edge to other edge, and so forth.

Side effects related with Mind (Mood)

Acidic Acid is a helpful medication for curing side effects as-crabby disposition and the disease caused by finished contemplating his business.

Face-related side effects

Acidic Acid ought to be utilized as a part of side effects like-facial etiolation, turning into the face as wax, one cheek is dull and other is red, contracting eyes and dark circles around the eyes , lavish sweating from the face, and so on.

This pharmaceutical is additionally utilized as a part of cases-lips growth, feeling of blurred and passionately cheek and agony in the left joint of jaw.

In the event that any manifestation of the face is found in a man, Acetic Acid ought to be given to him.

Stomach-related manifestations

On the off chance that a man has been experiencing extra salivation , over thirst, delivering of yeast in the stomach, feeling torment while drinking frosty water , objection of regurgitating subsequent to taking dinners, slight torment in the organs identified with the processing framework, feels as though a ulcer happens in his stomach that causes torment, consuming sensation, and so forth., Acetic Acid is extremely helpful in such indications.

A few patients have indications as-protestation of harsh eructations and regurgitating with stomach growth and consuming spit in the mouth.

It is likewise extremely valuable in side effects like-extra hydrochloric corrosive in the body and torment in the stomach related frameworks.

Now and again, a patient is experiencing impression of consuming with torment in the stomach and the chest area took after by coldness of the skin and frosty sweating on the temple .

The utilization of Acetic Acid medication is helpful for curing any side effect that are depicted previously.

Stomach side effects

Some of the time, the patient feels as though his stomach is contracting internal, visit diluet free movement that bothers in the morning.

A few patients have the objections of dropsy with intestinal discharge.

Acidic Acid ought to be utilized for curing any manifestation related with the belly .

Manifestations related with Urine

Acidic Acid ought to be utilized for the treatment of manifestations like-diabetes mellitus, diabetes with body shortcoming, and so forth.

Side effects related with Female

Hemophilia (extra seeping) amid menses.

Seeping after conveyance.

Grumbling of spewing amid pregnancy with augmented and difficult bosom; the bosoms are loaded with extra drain; the bosom drain has handed over blue appearance and wind up noticeably contaminated, in the meantime drain has turned out to be straightforward and harsh.

Paleness in moms amid nourishing.

The utilization of Acetic corrosive medication is gainful for curing any manifestation related with such sorts of female side effects.

Side effects related with pregnancy

In the event that the pregnant has experienced vaginal drain amid pregnancy, douse a cotton piece in the arrangement of Acetic corrosive and put it beyond what many would consider possible inside the vagina . It quits dying. For this reason, one a player in this prescription ought to be blended with nine times of water for making the arrangement.

On the off chance that a pregnant has manifestations as-watering the mouth day and night, acrid burps, retching, and so on., the utilization of Acetic Acid is useful.

Manifestations related with the back

The utilization of Acetic corrosive is extremely helpful to cure back torment that is improving by resting on the stomach.

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Manifestations related with discharge (dying)

Acidic corrosive is a valuable medication for preventing seeping from a few vental body parts as-throat, lungs, stomach, butt, uterus , ovary (upper film of ovary), and so on.

Indications related with the respiratory framework

Understanding has side effects as-thundering and humming sound is creating while at the same time breathing in, difficuly in breathing, hack while breathing in, and so on.

A few patients are experiencing the incitement of the film, breathig frameworks and breathing tubes caused by dry hack, feeling of something trapped inside the throat , abundance releasing from respiratory tube, feeling consuming sensation in the throat, and so on.

The utilization of Acetic corrosive is advantageous for curing such side effects of the respiratory framework.

Indications related with outer body parts

Acidic corrosive ought to be utilized to cure harmed parts of the body and agony in the hands and feet.

Manifestations of skin ailments

Acidic corrosive is a powerful medication in indications as-yellowness of the skin, feeling of delicate skin like wax, consuming impression of the skin, feeling hot, abundant sweating from the skin, sting by any toxic creepy crawly, swollen veins, and so on.

Side effects related with fever

Acidic corrosive ought to be utilized for curing side effects as-abundant sweating during the evening in fever, redness of the left cheek, specks on the cheek, absence of thirst amid fever and lavish icy sweating.

Connection of Acetic corrosive with different pharmaceuticals

Acetic corrosive expels misuse of a few medications.

It crushes noxious impacts of pressed and zesty meat.

This drug expels all the awful impacts of chloroform, opium and thistle apple and smoke of (gas of LPG) and coal.

This solution demolishes terrible impacts of sider vinegar or apple’s vinegar and carbolic corrosive.

Examination of Acetic corrosive with different medications

Ammoni acetic acid derivation is utilized as a part of the instances of extra sugar found in the pee with bountiful sweating. Acidic corrosive can be additionally utilized for curing such side effects rather than Ammoni acetic acid derivation. In this way, a few properties of Acetic corrosive can be contrasted and Ammoni acetic acid derivation.

Bezoin Odery Ferrum-Spidus-Wood is utilized as a part of plentiful sweat around evening time, however Acetic corrosive can be likewise utilized rather than this prescription. Thus, Acetic corrosive can be contrasted and this prescription.

Ars, China, Digitalis liatris are utilized as a part of dropsy with the ailment of the heart and the liver and incessant free movement (looseness of the bowels), however Acetic corrosive can be likewise utilized for curing such manifestations. Thus, a few properties of Acetic corrosive can be contrasted and these meds.

Acidic corrosive is a powerful medication for curing rickets , tuberculosis and many sorts tuberculosis of little youngsters . Such ailments can be additionally recouped by Ebro, Iodum , Saini, Tuberculinum , etc.instead of Acetic corrosive. Accordingly, Acetic corrosive can be contrasted and these drugs.


The manifestations of sicknesses are bothered by lying on the back, taking rest, introduction to chilly, and so on.


Scarcely any side effects begin improving by resting on the stomach.


Acidic corrosive ought to be utilised as a part of third to 30th potentiates for curing infections. This drug can be utilised over and over on account of whooping hack, yet can not be rehashed in different ailments.

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