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Actaea Racemosa

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Actaea Racemosa--homeo guide

Actaea Racemosa (Black Snake – Root)

This remedy is also called Cimicifuga.  It is extraordinarily effective in   women’s   diseases,  especially  those  complicating  pregnancy. Normally, if  during menstruation  copious  bleeding  occurs,  most menstrual complaints cease automatically.  But in the case of Actaea Racemosa, the more the bleeding, the more is the pain and associated discomfort.    Sometimes,  the  symptoms  continue   even  after  the cessation of the menstrual period.
Actaea Racemosa is very useful for joint pains.  The tissues hurt like an abscess.   There is a lightning type of pain in the muscles of the neck  and  back,   spreading  in  all  directions.        Rest  relieves  the discomfort,  while  movement  makes  it  worse.    Cold  and  humidity relieve the symptoms. In Actaea Racemosa, there is also shifting of the disease  from one part of the body to another, like Abrotinum. Generally, the physical illnesses transform into mental illnesses.  If the physical  illnesses  in  children  are   suppressed  by  some  kind  of treatment, mental symptoms appear and can  produce conditions like hysteria.  A sensitive girl of a touchy disposition will become totally silent.   If called in a loud voice, she will simply start crying.She would be indifferent to the rest of the world, and seem totally lost in herself.  In such a case, Actaea Racemosa is the best possible remedy.
This remedy is deeply related to sadness.  Grief and sorrow can result in physical illnesses.  Mental shock in sensitive women can result in irregularity  of  the  menstruation,  joint  pains  or  other  physical illnesses.    Mental shock will make  them fearful and superstitious. They will not even like to take any medicine in case it is mixed with poison.    If there is preponderance of suspicion in addition to  other symptoms, two doses of Actaea Racemosa can clear the symptom of suspicion and make the patient well again.
In Actaea Racemosa, there are symptoms of two apparently opposing remedies.  In some aspects, it is like Bryonia, and in another aspect, like Rhus Tox.  In Bryonia, it is movement, and in Rhus Tox, it is rest which aggravates the discomfort.    In  Actaea Racemosa, the person will feel discomfort on whatever side he or she lies.   There would be
twitching of the muscles.  The headache is mostly behind the eyeballs and the back of the head, which is relieved by pressure, but movement makes  the  headache  worse.  The  person  feels  dizzy  and  there  is heaviness in the head.   The vision becomes dim. Engrossed deep in studies, worry and bladder symptoms cause headache.
Like Abrotinum, in Actaea Racemosa, constipation and diarrhoea alternate with each other.  There is severe pain in the stomach, which gets better on bending forward.  Due to pressure on the backbone and over the reproductive organs, there is a tendency towards nausea and vomiting.  Young girls experience severe vomiting during their first pregnancy, which does not seem to be relieved by any medicine.  In such a case, one should study carefully the temperament of the patient and the symptoms of the ailment before prescribing any remedy.   If the patient is of Actaea Racemosa type, then she would definitely get better with Actaea Racemosa.
In feeble-minded women, at the time of delivery, the labour pains, instead of pushing down to facilitate the childbirth, scatter right and left, causing spasms over the hips. This is the main feature of Actaea Racemosa. Actaea Racemosa, when given in time, will normalize the direction of labour pains and facilitate the childbirth.  Caulophyllum is another  very  important  remedy  at  the  time  of  child  delivery.    In Caulophyllum,  instead  of  pains  bearing  down,  they  scatter  down inside  of  the  thighs  and  the  mouth  of  the  uterus  does  not  open. Sometimes, physicians and midwives try to alleviate this problem by using ergot but instead this closes the mouth of the uterus tightly and makes the woman suffer further.  Unfortunately, some women die in such  circumstances.        Once,   while  I  was  in  Anwarabad,  Sindh (Larkana), in a convention, a person  came to me and very humbly submitted that his wife was in the process of labour but the mouth of the uterus was tightly closed, and there was a danger that his  wife might die.  I took Colophylum out of my travel bag and gave it to him to give to his wife.  Within ten to fifteen minutes, a healthy baby boy was born normally.    Homeopathic medicines should not be taken lightly.    Their   timely   use   can   save   from   potentially   serious complications.
Women  with  weak  uterine  muscles  and  associated  organs  abort repeatedly or conceive after great difficulty. Colophylum may be very useful in such women.  At the time of labour, Gelsemium should also be kept in mind, like Actaea Racemosa and Colophylum.   If during labour, the pains remain localized at the back and after bearing down return to the back, then  Gelsemium would be very useful in such a case.  In Kali Carb, instead of bearing down, the labour pains scatter to the outer side of the thighs.  In Pulsatilla, due to nervous disability or fear, the labour pains are very weak and rare.
In Actaea Racemosa, the periods are irregular or delayed.  There is severe  spasmodic pain at the uterus and in the back.  The organs feel heavy. A typical Actaea Racemosa woman is very lazy, sad and confused.    Her  mind  is  clouded.    She  observes  dreadful  dreams, speaks constantly but does not concentrate on anything.  She becomes easily frightened; especially the fear of  death prevails in her mind. This reminds one of Aconite.
In Actaea Racemosa, there is irritation of the throat, a dry cough is very  bothersome  at  night  and  becomes  worse  on  talking.The heartbeat is fast while the pulse is weak and irregular.    There are symptoms of angina, like numbness of left arm, which is typical of Actaea Racemosa.  The muscles and bones of the back hurt a lot. The neck and the upper part of the back are very stiff.  There is sense of discomfort and restlessness of the arms and legs.  The person feels itching, and there is jerking of the limbs.  There is lack of sleep and the mind remains perturbed and undulating.  The person feels as if his head has grown bigger in size.  The ears are very sensitive to noise. The symptoms of Actaea Racemosa are aggravated in the morning and in cold weather, except the headache, which gets better in hot weather and by taking food.

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Antidotes:    Aconite, Baptisia
Potency:    30 to CM

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