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Adhd and Homeopathic Medicines – Health Conditions

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Adhd and Homeopathic Medicines

Hyperactive Child and Homeopathy

Are you worried about your child’s hyperactivity? Is your child constantly moving around, is he too fidgety? Does he constantly move his legs and arms? Does he have difficulty in waiting for his turn while playing with other kids? Is he having concentration issues while studying –gets easily distracted? If so then there are chances that your child could be having Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder commonly called as ADHD.

Recent researches have proven great beneficial role of homeopathic medicines in treating such hyperactivity in children. The greatest benefit that homeopathy offers while treating Adhd is that its medicines are very safe for kids and do not slow down their other activities . Neither are they addictive; this means that once the treatment is over, the medicines can be safely withdrawn.

Adhd refers to condition in the childhood (it may be continue in the adulthood as well) where the child may be physically hyperactive and having concentration issues. Kids are naturally playful and active, which makes it difficult for parent to find out whether their child is naturally active or having a problem ,  thus for a child to be called as hyperactive or suffering from ADHD,  medical science has defined a certain criteria to diagnose this disorder in kids.

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Hyperactive disorder in kids can be divided into usually three kinds a) hyperactive – impulsive behavior, where the kids are physically hyperactive and have less impulse control. B) Inattentive type – where they have difficulty in sustaining attention while studying, playing and doing other activities. C) combined type – here they have both the physical hyperactivity as well as the low attention span.

Hyperactive –Impulsive type is marked by symptoms of   constant Fidgety behavior or moving and squirming frequently. The child has difficulty in remaining in his seat and often leaves seat suddenly during class and can wander away outside the classroom. Running and climbing can be very excessive. The child always seems to be on the go. Excessive talking can be another symptom of Adhd. Blurts out answers even before the question is finished. The child may have difficulty in waiting for his turn while playing. In the Inattentive type the symptoms are- the child often makes careless mistakes in schoolwork, homework and other activities. Sustaining attention while studying, playing or other activities is very difficult. Instruction following is very difficult for the child. He may seem to be’ too absorbed’ in his activity while being spoken too. The child may often avoid activities that require prolonged or sustained mental effort.

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What exactly causes Adhd id still unknown; but there are certain factors which tend to contribute either to the development or modification of Adhd behavior. These factors are altered brain function and anatomy , genetic factors , maternal smoking and drug use in pregnancy, childhood exposure to toxins such as lead  and food additives such as artificial coloring or food preservatives.

Researches around the world have proved the supremacy of homeopathic medicines in treating hyperactive disorder  in kids. Homeopathic medicines  Hyoscyamus , Veratrum Album , Tarentula  and stramonium  have been proved by researches to be effective in treating adhd. Kindly note that the names of the  above mentioned medicines are meant for information only and they should not be used without consulting the physician

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