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Adrenalin -Epinephrin

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Adrenalin (Epinephrin)
Adrenalin is the secretion of the glands situated above the kidneys called the Suprarenal Glands.  It keeps the function of other glands in balance.    All  Adrenalin  patients  exhibit  symptoms  resulting  from anger, fear and terror.  The heart beats faster and the blood pressure rises.  There is a feeling of suffocation and tightness.   The peristaltic movements of the intestines become sluggish and the mouth is dry.  It has the property of constricting the muscles in the walls of the arteries. In Homeopathy, it is used to stop any kind of bleeding, whether it be in the lungs, nose, intestines, uterus or somewhere else.  In case the signs  and  symptoms  do   not   point  to  one  particular  medicine, Adrenalin should be used right away.   It  has been especially found useful in the control of bleeding from the nose.  Some surgeons use it before an operation to decrease the blood loss.
One expert physician has described it to be useful in angina and similar  symptoms,  like  pain  over  the  heart  area  and  behind  the sternum (chest-bone), which gets worse on walking.  Adrenalin is also useful  in  the  suffocating   tightness   of  the  chest.    High  blood pressure, secondary to contraction of the arteries can also be treated with  Adrenalin  in  Homeopathic  potency.    This  is  not  my  own observation; I have just presented the opinion of other physicians. Adrenalin  should  be  put  to  use  with  extreme  care,  after  careful evaluation of the patient.
I have certainly found it useful in some illnesses like blood in the urine, or if the urination is frequent and plentiful and associated with scalding before and after passing the urine.  These symptoms are also found in Natrum Mur.
Adrenalin is very useful in corns of the toes. The Adrenalin patient complains  of tiredness at the legs and feels pain and cramps in the calves.

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Potency:    30 to 200

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