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Aethiops Mercurialis-mineralis is exceptionally helpful medication for curing scrofula related side effects, eyes torment , scabies with tingling , consuming and torment, coats consuming, creating of dangerous substances in the body, and so forth.

  1. Skin: Eruptions. Favus-like, scrofulous, herpetic and eczematous.
  2. Relationship: Aethiops Antimonalis- – (Hydrargyrum stibiato sulfuratum): (frequently more powerful than the above in scrofulous ejections, glandular swellings, otorrhśa and scrofulous eye affections, corneal ulcers. Third trituration). Analyze: Calc; Sil; Psorin.
  3. Measurement: The lower triturations, particularly the second decimal.
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Side effects related with skin illnesses

Aethiops Mercurialis-mineralis medicate is utilized for curing scabies related indications and skin ailments like apiary.

Indications related with the organs

The trituration of third power of the Aethiops Mercurialis-mineralis medication is exceptionally gainful for curing scrofula related side effects and swelling of the organs .

Ears-related Symptoms

Aethiops Mercurialis-mineralis drug is utilized as a part of otorrhoea (ear-discharge). The trituration of third intensity of this solution is proper to cure indications.

Eyes-related Symptoms

This cure ought to be utilized as a part of the ulcer of white screen of the eyes. The trituration of third power of this prescription is valuable for curing side effects.

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Aethiops Mercurialis-mineralis can be contrasted and Aethiops Antimonelis.


The trituration of lower intensity particularly second decimal power of Aethiops Mercurialis-mineralis prescription ought to be utilized for curing indications.

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