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Aethusa Cynapium

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Aethusa Cynapium

Aethusa Cynapium
(Fool’s Parsley)

Aethusa Cynapium, if truly analogous to the disease complex, works wonders.In  allopathy,  there  is  no  match  for  this  Homoeopathic remedy.  This is the best remedy for wasting disease of the children (marasmus).  The child cannot digest milk; he throws up as soon as he drinks milk.The  vomiting renders him very weak.    He feels hungry, takes   milk-feed   and   immediately   vomits   again.    The constipation is severe.If diarrhoea ensues, the stools are small. Firstly,  they are yellowish in colour and then, turn greenish (bile- coloured).   There is  intense griping in the abdomen.  In addition to diarrhoea, there is a tendency to repeated vomiting of clotted milk.
The majority of the children are severely constipated.   Diarrhoea is rare.  The child is usually drowsy and steadily goes on getting weaker. Once a marasmic child was brought to me who looked terrible.  His head was large, his face drawn and shrivelled, and his body was just a bony  skeleton.    His  parents  told  me  that  they had  tried  many medicines but to no avail, since the child was constipated for over a month, and threw up after every milk feed. I gave him Aethusa. Soon his constipation was relieved, he could digest milk and his condition started improving.  Within a week, the child became hale and hearty.
Marasmus is also found in Abrotanum.   In Abrotanum, the wasting begins in  the  legs and then spreads upwards towards the chest and neck.   In Aethusa,wasting involves the entire body simultaneously. Another  sign  of  Aethusa  is  that  with  heat,  the  sickness  migrates towards the head.   For a child with some  mental deficiency and a tendency to throw up milk immediately after feed, Aethusa is the remedy.  Aethusa will cure his mental as well as abdominal problem. With conventional allopathic treatment, if the child is treated for his abdominal problem, he will become mentally ill, even insane.  Clear- cut symptoms of Aethusa warrant the use of Aethusa alone.
In Aethusa Cynapium, the illness comes on with full force followed by mental and physical exhaustion, drowsiness and delirium.  The patient is extremely superstitious and hallucinates about cats, dogs and mice.  He lacks concentration.  He is sad and feels uneasy.  The head feels tied up in a vice.  There is pain at the back of the head, which
radiates down  the  neck,  shoulders  and  upper  back.    This  pain  is relieved by pressure or lying down, as well as after passing stools and wind (flatus).Hairs feel stretched. There is drowsiness, dizziness and palpitation.  When dizziness ends, the head starts feeling warm.
The eyes are very sensitive to light.   The margins of the eyelids swell.The  eyeballs roll around during sleep.The eyes are drawn downwards.Things  appear larger than their actual size.The ears ache, with a feeling of discharge of warm fluid with hissing sounds. Thick nasal secretions  causes blockage of the nose.   The tip of the nose feels sore.  An ineffective desire to sneeze is typical of Aethusa. Red marks appear on the face.The jaws  hurt and feel stiff.The tongue is dry and feels too long.  Burning and blisters of the throat make swallowing difficult.At times, due to  difficulty in breathing and feeling suffocated, the patient may not even speak.The  chest feels tight.
Aethusa  is very useful in diseases of the women.During menstruation,  if  there  is  excessive  watery  bleeding  and  painful swelling  of  the  breasts,  uterine  discomfort  and  sluggish  intestinal movements (peristalsis),  vomiting soon after eating without nausea, along with some other peculiar symptoms of Aethusa Cynapium, they will all respond to Aethusa.
The symptoms of Aethusa intensify early in the morning, at about 3 to 4 a.m., with cold water and in warm bedding.All the symptoms, except  mental,  subside  in  the  open  air.Aethusa  is  very  good  in teething diarrhoea of children.  In Aethusa patients, there may also be numbness of the arms and feet, and developing cramp.  The elbows are spastic. Fingers and  thumbs clench.   There is numbness in the hands and the feet.  Aethusa is useful in epilepsy too. The limbs feel cold and tight along with frothing from the mouth. he child cannot hold  the  head  up,  vomits  immediately  after  milk  feed  and  then demands milk soon after.
Aethusa is considered useful by some homeopaths for students who get confused and very apprehensive in the examination hall.  One dose of Aethusa Cynapium 200 taken on the morning of the exam is found very useful.
Adjuvant:    Calcaria Carb.
Potency:    30 to 200

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