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Agnus Castus.

Agnus Castus acts better on the regenerative organs . This prescription reductions fervor and makes the mind troubled. It is likewise extremely helpful when apprehensive vitality has decimated. Its influences found on the regenerative organs of both male and female, yet much on the male conceptive organs.

Agnus Castus is extremely helpful medication when oldness has come soon on account of much contribution in sex.

  1. Mind: Sexual despairing. Dread of death. Bitterness with impression of rapid passing. Absentminded, neglectful, absence of boldness. Deception of notice herrings, musk. Apprehensive wretchedness and mental premonitions.
  2. Eyes: Pupils enlarged (Bell). Tingling about eyes; photophobia.
  3. Nose: Odor of herring or musk. Hurting in dorsum better weight.
  4. Guts: Spleen swollen, sore. Stools delicate, subside, troublesome. Profound gaps in butt. Sickness with sensation as though digestion tracts were squeezed downwards; needs to help insides.
  5. Male: Yellow release from urethra. No erections. Feebleness. Parts chilly, casual. Want gone (Selen; Con; Sabal). Inadequate outflow without discharge. Loss of prostatic liquid on stressing. Gleety release. Balls, icy, swollen, hard, and difficult.
  6. Female: Scanty menses. Extreme aversion of sex. Unwinding of private parts, with leucorrhśa. Agalactia; with bitterness. Sterility. Leucorrhśa recoloring yellow; straightforward. Crazy palpitation with nose drain.
  7. Relationship: Compare: Selenium; Phosph air conditioning; Camphor; Lycop.
  8. Dosage: First to 6th strength.
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This prescription is extremely valuable in the instances of torque, sprain and tingling sensation like pricking in all the body parts particularly in the eyes .

Agnus Castus is extremely helpful medication for curing maladies happened in tobacco eaters who are neuralgic natured.

The general population who squander their semen because of high sexual fervor experience the ill effects of neuralgic shortcoming and spend culpable life. Agnus Castus is utilized as a part of the cases like-neuralgic shortcoming and failing of the nerves.

Individuals who go through plushness days with over sexual intercourses turn out to be physically feeble and eunuch. Agnus Castus is utilized for curing such patient.

Indications related with Mind or Mood

Agnus Castus ought to be utilized as a part of indications like-sexual despairing, fear about death, feeling of distress with death-fear, disconcentration of psyche, frail memory , not inquisitive for any work, feeling of fish and musk smell, neuralgic shortcoming, predictions by the patient, and so forth.

Side effects related with the eyes

Agnus Castus ought to be utilized as a part of the instances of eyeball confusion, tingling close to the eyes and feeling of dread.

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Manifestations related with the Nose

Agnus Castus ought to be utilized as a part of the instances of believing of fish and musk scent and agony behind the nostrils which improves by compelling.

Stomach Symptoms

Agnus Castus ought to be utilized as a part of the side effects like-spleen swelling with concentrated agony, stool delicate quality and repeating in rectum, trouble while discharge, split butt, disgust with feeling as though the digestion tracts have squeezed downwards, want for offering backing to the digestion tracts, and so on.

Side effects related with Male

In the side effects like-pee yellowness, tiredness in the penis , barrenness , coldness and detachment of the regenerative organs, absence of want for sex, semen releasing before intercourse, unending gonorrhea and agonizing balls with coldness, swelling, strictness, and so forth., Agnus Castus ought to be utilized to cure such manifestations of the patient.

Manifestations related with Female

In the instances of insufficient menstrual stream, feeling of despise in regards to sex, detachment of the privates with leucorrhoea , agalactia (sparse of bosom drain), feeling of distress, fruitlessness , craziness caused by cerebrum warmth, discharge , and so forth., Agnus Castus ought to be utilized for consummate outcome.

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Such side effects exasperates by finished semen releasing, hemophilia of ladies and abundant seeping from the body because of any reason.


Agnus Castus can be contrasted and Selenium , Camphor, phosphoricum acidum, Lycopodium , and so on.

On account of Impotence, Agnus Castus can be contrasted and Agnus Castus.


Agnus Castus ought to be utilized as first to sixth strength to cure infections.

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