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Agnus Castus

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Agnus Castus

Agnus Castus(The Chaste Tree)

Agnus  Castus  is  mostly  related  to  diseases  of  women.      After childbirth, the muscles become weak, stretched and flabby.  They do not revert to their original tone and physical status.  (This is just like a stretched out piece  of rubber which loses its elasticity.)   The uterus  feels  like  it  is  sagging  downwards.  Menses  are  scanty. Infertility  and  hatred  towards  conjugal  relationship  develops. Leucorrhoeal discharge is yellow.  The woman feels uneasy, sad and depressed.  She is usually sad and sallow.  She may develop hysteria. The uterus remains inflamed.   The  nose  bleeds.   Agnus Castus is a treatment of choice in this symptom complex.The  Agnus  Castus  patient  thinks  of  committing  suicide  and  is indifferent   to   the  world  around  her. She  prepares  herself  for impending death.  In Arum Mur, the tendency to commit suicide and depression are prominent features which become part of the patient’s temperament.   But in  Agnus Castus, such tendency is transient and short-lived.The patient has a weak memory, she is absent-minded and neurotic, she lacks  courage and lacks determination.  She feels pain on the temporal areas and forehead, aggravated by movement.The patient is hypersensitive to light (as in many other remedies) and develops headache due to light-hypersensitivity.  In case the headache is already present, it becomes unbearable in light, so much so that the eyes cannot be opened. Graphites is good in isolated light-sensitivity without the symptoms of Agnus Castus.

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The bony bridge of the nose is painful but feels better with pressure. The patient  can be unusually sensitive to certain kinds of fragrance. The cheeks itch and tingle, this is specific in Agnus Castus.There is wind in the tummy.   The stomach rumbles.   The intestines seem  to  be  falling  downwards,  and  the  patient  holds  on  to  the drooping belly.Agnus Castus is useful in certain male sexual disorders, such as sexual weakness   and   impotence,  secondary   to  the  pubertal misconduct.  It also relieves nervous disorders (like Kali Phos).

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Adjuvants:    Caladium, Selenium Antidotes:        Camphor, Nux Vomica Potency:         30 to CM


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