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ANANTHERUM MURICATUM ,Cuscus-An East Indian Grass

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Cuscus-An East Indian Grass

A skin remedy of high order.

Painful swelling of various parts, going on to suppuration. Glandular inflammation.

Head.–Pains pierce brain like pointed arrows; worse in afternoon. Herpes, ulcers, and tumors on scalp. Wartlike growth on eyebrows. Boils and tumors on tip of nose. Tongue fissured, as if cut on edges; copious salivation.

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Urine.–Turbid, thick, full of mucus. Constant urging. Bladder cannot hold smallest quantity. Involuntary. Cystitis.

Sexual.–Chancre-like sores. Scirrhus-like swelling of cervix. Breasts swollen, indurated, nipples excoriated.

Skin.–Diseased and deformed nails. Offensive foot-sweat. Abscesses boils, ulcers. Erysipelas. Pruritus, herpes.

Relationship.–Compare: Staphisag; Mercur; Thuja.

Dose.–Third potency.

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