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ARAGALLUS LAMBERTI White Loco Weed-Rattle Weed

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White Loco Weed-Rattle Weed

Acts principally on nervous system, producing a bewildered, confused state. Symptoms of incoordination and paralysis. Locomotor ataxia. Tired in the morning.

Mind.–Great depression; worse in morning or evening. Cannot study. Cross, irritable, restless. Bewildered. Mental confusion and apathy. Desires to be alone. Difficulty in concentrating mind, absent-minded. Lack of ambition. Defective expression in writing. Restlessness and aimless wandering. Must concentrate his mind on walking.

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Head.–Diplopia. Burning in eyes. Cracking of lower lip.

Throat.–Aches. Feels dull. Sore with nausea. Pharynx dark, swollen, glazed.

Respiratory.–Weight on chest in region of ensiform cartilage. Constriction as of a wide band. Soreness of chest under sternum. Oppression.

Extremities.–Weakness of limbs. Pain in left sciatic nerve. Cramps of muscles on front of leg while walking.

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Relationship.–Compare: Astragallus and Oxytropis, two varieties of Loco Weed; also Baryta.

Dose.–Sixth and two hundredth potencies.

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