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White Agaric

Quotidian intermittent fever. Sweat is light, and without relief. Night-sweat in phthisis.

Head.–Feels light and hollow with deep frontal headache. Thick, yellow coating of tongue; teeth indented. Constant nausea.

Fever.–Chilliness along spine, with frequent, hot flashes. Yawns and stretches when chilly. Severe aching in shoulders and joints and small of back. Profuse perspiration at night, with hectic chills and fever.

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Skin.–Hot and dry, especially in palms. Itching more between scapulæ and on forearms.

Relationship.–Compare: Agaricin, active constituent of Polyporus officinale (phthisical and other enervating nightsweats 1-4 to 1-2 gr doses; also in chorea, in dilatation of heart with pulmonary Emphysema, fatty degeneration, profuse perspiration and erythema). Boletus luridus (Violent pain in epigastrium, urticaria tuberosa). Boletus satanus (dysentery, vomiting, great debility, cold extremities, spasm of extremities and face).

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Dose.–First attenuation.

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