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Cervical ,Neck pain Treatment- Homeopathy

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Neck pain or cervical pain is perhaps one of the most common disorders that are caused by the modern life-style. Lack of exercise, poor posture, prolonged working hours and long driving hours are the primary factors that lead to neck-related disorders. And for some who suffer from chronic neck pain, cold weather adds to their woes.

Homoeopathic treatment of neck pain or cervical pain can provide great relief to the patients as it not only treats the pain but also treats the underlying causes to make sure that pain does not recur.

Although neck pain may be caused by many factors, cervical strain is the most frequent diagnosis. The pain can be severe and can temporarily limit the patient’s everyday activities. This condition is very often (by mistake) thought of as spondylosis. Although both the conditions – strain and spondylosis – are different from each other, their symptoms resemble closely.

Cervical strain affects the muscles of the neck, particularly those at the back of the neck. This straining occurs after an overuse of the muscles – prolonged studying, driving, awkward positions such as cradling the phone between the ear and the shoulder, sitting in a chair that offers no support, or working at an ill-designed computer station or any activity where one has to hold the head in one position for hours.

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This actually causes the muscles at the back of the neck to get tired, resulting in pain and stiffness in the back of the neck and at times this pain can also be felt in the shoulders and the back part of the head. When this overuse of muscles is repeated again and again, the pain becomes chronic. This is also called as “repetitive stress injuries”. Pain can also occur due to cervical sprain. Sprain occurs due to trauma to the neck as in whiplash (when the head is suddenly and quickly forced forward and backward) injuries in car accidents, falls and sport injuries.

Another major cause for neck pain is cervical spondylosis. Like other joints, cervical joints tend to deteriorate with age. This includes the wear and tear of the vertebrae, degeneration and herniation of the cushions between the vertebrae (also commonly called as disks). Abnormal growth of the bones also occurs on the vertebrae (cervical bones). These accumulated changes (cervical spondylosis) result in pressure on the nerve root. This results in the symptoms that are produced in spondylosis – neck pain, loss of sensation or abnormal sensation in arms and shoulder, stiffness in neck, episodes of loss of balance, headache at the back side of the head.

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The treatment of neck pain with homoeopathy has distinct advantages unlike the conventional system of medicine, it does not suppress the pain symptoms. Homoeopathy treats the underlying condition that is causing pain. For example, if one suffers from pain due to spondylosis, the treatment will be aimed at treating the degenerative changes. Medicine for pain due to the straining of cervical muscles are different from the ones that will treat spondylosis. Further differentiation is also made on the individual variations of symptoms.

Thus homoeopathy customises the treatment based on individuals underlying disorder and symptom. This high level of customisation is what provides homoeopathy an edge in stopping the recurrence by curing the disease. Cervical strain can be very effectively and speedily treated with homoeopathy. The homeopathic treatment of cervical spondylosis require more time as the changes are at the physical level and also have occurred over a long period. The treatment in cervical spondylosis depends upon the extent of damage.

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