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Chromic Acid

Diphtheria, post-nasal tumors, and epithelioma of the tongue have been benefited by this drug. Bloody, foul-smelling lochia. Symptoms come and go suddenly, and return periodically; offensive discharges.

Nose.–Ulcer and scabs in nose. Offensive smell. Corrosive pain. Ozæna (Aur).

Throat.–Diphtheria; sore throat. Tough mucus, with inclination to swallow it; worse, causing hawking. Post-nasal tumors.

Extremities.–Uneasiness in limbs. Pain in shoulder-blades and back of neck. Pain in knees and balls of feet. Drawing pain in soles while walking.

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Stool.–Watery, frequent, copious, with nausea and vertigo. Hæmorrhoids, internal and bleeding. Weakness in small of back.

Relationship.–Compare: Kali bich; Rhus; Chromium Sulphate (in locomotor ataxia, goitre, prostatic hypertrophy. Herpes preputialis. Wry neck. Also exophthalmic, inhibits the vagus, relieving tachycardia. Acts like a nerve tonic where there is lack of nervous tone. Fibroid tumors. Infantile paralysis. Dose for adults, 3 to 5 grains after meals and at bedtime).

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Dose.–Homeopathically, third to sixth trituration.

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