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CODEINUM, An Alkaloid from Opium

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An Alkaloid from Opium

Trembling of whole body. Involuntary twitching of muscles of arms and lower limbs. Itching, with feeling of warmth, numbness and prickling. Diabetes.

Head.–Pain from occiput to back of neck. Skin of face and scalp sore after neuralgia.

Eyes.–Involuntary twitching of lids (Agar).

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Stomach.–Spasmodic pain at pit of stomach. Eructations. Great thirst, with desire for bitter substances.

Respiratory.–Short and irritating cough; worse, at night. Copious, purulent expectoration. Night cough of phthisis.

Relationship.–Compare: Opium; Agaricus; Hyoscy; Ammon brom.

Dose.–One-quarter of a grain doses to third trituration.

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