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DIPHTHERINUM ,Potentized Diphtheritic Virus

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Potentized Diphtheritic Virus

Adapted to patients prone to catarrhal affections of respiratory organs, scrofulous individuals. Diphtheria, laryngeal diphtheria, post-diphtheritic paralysis. Malignancy from the start. Glands swollen; tongue red, swollen; breath and discharge very offensive. Diphtheritic; membrane thick, dark. Epistaxis; profound prostration. Swallows without pain, but fluids are vomited or returned by the nose.

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Relationship.–Compare: Diphtherotoxin (Cahis) (Chronic bronchitis with rales. Cartier suggests it in the vago-paralytic forms of Bronchitis of the aged or in toxic bronchitis after grip).

Dose.–Thirtieth, two hundredth or C. M potency. Must not be repeated too frequently.

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