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Dosage of Homeopathic Remedies

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Homeopathic Remedies

Dosage of Homeopathic Remedies

I am  often  asked  about  the  frequency  and  how  much  of  the remedy should be taken.  There is no consensus of opinion on this.  Every prescriber has his own way, based on experience.  In this book, I have suggested the practical useful potencies based upon my own experience. I  have  also  referred  to  the  dosage  prescribed  by  some  well-known homoeopaths.  The matter has been left to the discretion of the individual practitioners.    The  potencies  I  have  observed  to  be  effective  in  my experience will, God-willing, also benefit the user, with some exceptions where the potencies used are not suitable for the patient.

The quantity of the homeopathic remedy, per se, is not that important.  The patient may take a few pellets or a lot of them – it does Not matter.  It is the frequency that makes the difference.  Every time the Remedy is taken, it ‘strikes’ the body to respond.  Taking a homeopathic remedy once is called one strike.  The effect of the remedy starts as soon As it is put in the mouth.  Every time it is taken, it repeats the strike.Some homeopaths insist that the medicine should not be touched with the hand.  Instead, to preserve its effectiveness, it should be taken on paper.   However,  hands are much cleaner than the mouth, contains so many  impurities,  layer  upon  layer,  yet  it  can  and  does  react  to  the presence of the remedy.What difference would the use of the hand make?  Paper itself is not free from contamination.  Natrum Mur is the homeopathic potency of the common table salt but the mouth is full of salt.  So taking a dose of Natrum Mur is like pouring a drop of salt water in the salt mine.   Yet, it works.   The reason is that the homeopathic effect of Natrum Mur is not related to the material particles.     In the preparation   of   the   homeopathic   remedy,   the   original   substance disappears completely.  It only exists in the form of a memory which is capable of showing its effect through the blood and body fluids.   The command is perceived  by the soul.      This is a unique indelible divine system of memory, mediated through the soul, which is, in a way, related to physical matter also.

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