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EUPIONUM, Wood-tar distillation

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Wood-tar distillation

Marked female symptoms, and backache. A remedy for uterine displacements. Pain in back, followed by a bland leucorrhœa. Menses too early and copious; flow thin. Intense sweat from slightest exertion. Disgusting dreams. Sensation as if whole body were made of jelly.

Head.–Vertigo; everything turns round on sitting up in bed. Heat at vertex; stitches from vertex down limbs into abdomen and genitals. Sore painful spots on head. Painful pulsation in forehead.

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Female.–Burning in right ovary. Gushing leucorrhœa. Chronic tubal disease. Uterine flexions. Menses too early and copious. During menses, irritable and disinclined to talk; burning and stitches in chest and heart. After menses, yellow leucorrhœa, with severe backache. When pain in back ceases, the discharge gushes out. Sore pain between labia during urination. Pruritus pudendi; labia swollen.

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Extremities.–Cramps in the calves; worse at night.

Back.–Sacrum pains, as if broken. Severe backache; must lean against something for support. Pains extended into pelvis.

Relationship.–Kreosot; Graph; Lach.

Dose.–Third potency.

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