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Five Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Rectal Prolapse

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Five Natural Homeopathic remedies for Prolapse Rectum

Though not a debilitating disease, rectal prolapse can throw life out of gear for a person by virtue of the fact that it entails the falling down of a part of the rectum from its normal position.Homeopathic Treatment can be effective in assuaging the discharge and discomfort resulting from rectal prolapse without the fear of side-effects. Since homeopathy goes to the root of the problem, it cures the underlying causes of this condition too and not just the extraneous symptoms.

Symptoms of Prolapse Rectum

A person suffering from this condition manifests a couple of symptoms, ranging from discomfort and pain in the rectal region; mucoid discharges from the anus and bleeding from the rectum to fecal incontinence and difficulty in passing stools.

Top Homeopathic Remedies for Rectal Prolapse

I feel the homeopathic system of medicine can work wonders in curing prolapsed rectum since it is natural and non-toxic compared to other treatments as its remedies are culled from Nature.

Podophyllum: Homeopathic Medicine for When Rectum Prolapse Occurs while Passing Stool

I find homoeopathic medicine podophyllum to be one of the most frequently indicated remedies in cases of prolapsed rectum. The rectum may get prolapsed either before or during the passing of stools. There may be a sore pain in the anus. Podophyllum may be prescribed in children with complaints of prolapse of the rectum. Proper enquiry generally reveals that there is a history of chronic constipation.  All the symptoms are associated with a weakness in the abdomen and anus. There may be a constant anxiety due to the pain in the anus. The prolapsed part of the rectum may remain protruded for a long time, particularly in children.

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IGNATIA: Homeopathic Remedy When Rectum Prolapse Occurs Even with Soft Stool

Homoeopathic medicine Ignatia is also a very good remedy for prolapsed rectum. Ignatia may be prescribed when the parts protrude with soft stools and remain intact with hard stools. The pain may be sharp and shooting in nature. The pain radiates upwards and may get worse after passing stools. The pain subsides considerably when the patient is in a sitting posture. There may be a tight, constrictive feeling around the opening of the anus. Ignatia may be given when there is a constant pressure as if some sharp instrument was protruding from the rectum into the anus. All complaints get aggravated in the mornings, after eating food, and on getting warmth. The patient feels better by changing the posture and when he is in a sitting posture.

Ruta Graveolens when Prolapse occurs After Straining or after Delivery

I feel this is a homoeopathic cure that is very well indicated in cases of prolapsed rectum. Ruta may be particularly prescribed in cases which occur due to complications after childbirth. The stools may be constipated and can be passed only with great straining and difficulty. Sitting is the worst position because it makes the pain get worse. The pain sensation is as if the rectum and anus are being pricked with sticks. Some part of the rectum comes down the anus each time when the stools are passed. Ruta may be given when there is protrusion of the rectum during an attempt to bend or stoop forward. Winters are the worst time for the patients as the pains become unbearable.

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Homeopathic Remedy Aesculus  When Rectal Prolapse is Due to Chronic Piles

Aesculius hippo is a homoeopathic remedy known for its remarkable results on the anus and rectum. It may be prescribed in persons suffering from chronic piles leading to a prolapsed rectum. The sensation of pain is that of the rectum being filled with sticks. There may be an intense burning pain in the anus which radiates up to the back. I feel Aesculius is also suitable for women who suffer from prolapsed rectum during the menopausal or post-menopausal period. There may be a sensation of swelling in the anus and passing stools is very painful and difficult. The most prominent feature that calls for a prescription of aesculius is a constant backache which may incapacitate the person so much that he or she is unable to perform the daily chores.

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Homeopathic Remedy Hydrastis For Rectal Prolapse in Kids

Hydrastis is a homoeopathic cure especially effective in cases of prolapsed rectum in children. The child may be constipated and cries while passing stools on account of pain. There may be much swelling in the anus and rectum with congestion. The complaints may be associated with fissures in the anus. This gives rise to much burning in the anus during the passing of stools. The pain lasts for a long time after passing stools.

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