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Homeopathy for Afterpains – PAINS After Labour or Delivery

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Homeopathy for Afterpains – PAINS After Labour or Delivery

Homeopathy for Afterpains – PAINS After Labour or Delivery

What are Afterpains?

After pains (Pains after delivery) are a result of the uterus contracting back to its pre-pregnancy state after the birth.

AFTER PAINS – Homeopathic Medicines & Treatment

#Cimicifuga [Cimic] comes to mind at once for after pains when they are very intense, when they are worse about the region of the groin, and the patient is sensitive and cannot tolerate them. This intolerance of the pains suggests Chamomilla, which is a remedy to be thought of here; also Pulsatilla; the temperament of these two remedies will distinguish them. Gelsemium. Hughes was accustomed to rely on this remedy in the 1x for after pains. It acts best in very sensitive women who cannot compel quiet or sleep.

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#Caulophyllum [Caul] Is another remedy which is useful for afterpains. They are spasmodic in character and fly across the lower part of the abdomen. It comes in especially after a prolonged and exhausting labor. It is a specific for false labor pains. Arnica is a remedy usually prescribed in a routine way after labor for the soreness of the parts, and it is a very useful remedy in after pains. Xanthoxylum, clinically, has proved very efficacious. If the pains are intestinal rather than uterine, Cocculus will be found useful; and if they press on the rectum and bladder Nux is the remedy. Bellis perennis. Soreness all through the pelvis after labor; the patient cannot walk or stand; bones seem to be giving away. Sabina and Sepia may also be indicated by their peculiar pains, those of Sabina shooting from behind forwards, and those of Sepia shooting upwards and accompanied by weight in the lower bowel.

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