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Homeopathy for CARBUNCLE

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Homeopathy for CARBUNCLE

Carbuncle is an infection larger than a boil and with several openings for discharge of pus. A carbuncle is an infection of the subcutaneous tissues involving the hair follicles, usually caused by staphylococci bacteria.

Carbuncle – Homeopathy Treatment & Homeopathic Remedies

#Arsenicum album [Ars] This is generally regarded as the chief remedy in carbuncle. The great indication is burning as if coals of fire were on the affected part. There are also cutting, lancinating pains with aggravation after midnight,and great irritability of the mind and body. Arsenic comes in later in the disease than Rhus. Rhus is an excellent remedy in the beginning of the trouble when the pains are intense and the affected parts are dark red. If Arsenic fails resort may be had to Anthracinum, which has precisely the same symptom as Arsenic,but far more intense. Warm application relieve the Arsenic pains. Anthracinum will often promptly relieve the burning, agonizing pains of carbuncle. Echinacea is a wonderfully good remedy in carbuncle, the septic state, the prostration and the pain are well met by it, and it may also be applied externally.

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#Lachesis [Lach] is a very useful remedy when the surface is swollen and pus forms very slowly. The parts are purplish-looking with evidences of blood poisoning; there is great burning, relieved by washing in cold water. Small boils surrounding the main sore is a valuable indication. Carbuncles which slough are very offensive call for Lachesis or,perhaps, Carbo vegetabilis. Tarentula Cubensis produces a perfect picture of sloughing carbuncle with great prostration, and it relieves the atrocious pains accompanying it. An indication is an early marked black core center. Hughes has repeatedly verified this remedy in carbuncle (use Succus Calendula, I to 6, as a local application).

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#Silicea [Sil] This remedy comes in to favor healthy suppuration and promote healthy granulations. Carbuncles on back between the shoulders. Nitric acid and Phytolacca have a disposition to carbuncles. Grauvogl recommends Arnica.

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