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Homeopathy for DROPSY , OEDEMA

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Homeopathy for DROPSY / OEDEMA

Dropsy is swelling from excessive accumulation of serous fluid in tissue. Edema, or dropsy as it is sometimes known, is swelling due to an infiltration of fluid into the tissues. If it occurs in one specific area, it can cause the nearby skin to become taut and shiny, and the muscles become achy. A noticeable weight gain of several pounds can occur. Edema is most common around the feet and ankles, however bloating from fluid retention usually affects the whole body.

Dropsy, Edema – Homeopathy Treatment & Homeopathic Remedies

#Apis mellifica. [Apis] In post scarlatinal dropsy and in acute febrile dropsy Apis is the remedy when the patient is thirstless; this seems to be characteristic.It is especially adapted to cases depending on kidney disease. The skin is pale and waxen, transparent, the urine is scanty and Apis speedily brings about an increase; there may be nettle-rash on the skin. If the dropsy be of cardiac origin there will be swelling of the feet; if hydrothorax, there will be dyspnoea and a feeling as if death were approaching, but no fear thereof as in Arsenicum and Aconite. Another characteistic indication is puffiness under the eyes, another is bruised, sore sensation all over the body. Apis, after serous inflammation where the effusion is not absorbed, is a most useful remedy, hence its use in ascites, hydrothorax, hydrocephalus, etc. Dropsy of the knee, also Iodine. Apis is better given in trituration in these cases.

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#Arsenicum. [Ars] This remedy is suitable in all forms of dropsy, particularly in those depending on disorders of the heart and lungs. In dropsy of renal origin it also stands prominent. There is puffiness of the face with oedema about the eyelids, waxy transparent skin, thirst, vomiting, etc. Ulcers forming on the legs. In dropsy oozing of a serum is also and indication. This is found also under Rhus and Lycopodium. Arsenicum is an important diuretic.

#Acetic acid. [Act-ac] Here we have the waxen, emaciated, alabaster skin and dropsies especially about the lower limbs and abdomen. There is thirst, sour belching, water brash and diarrhea, a broken down constitution. It stands between Apis and Arsenicum, but it has great thirst, and the prominent gastric symptoms will separate it from Arsenicum. Profuse sweating is a prominent symptom.

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#Apocynum Cannabinum. [Apoc] This drug is useful for swelling anywhere of dropsical origin disease. It seldom does more than palliate, though in renal dropsy it may do more. The special symptoms calling for it are a gone feeling at the pit of the stomach, cannot tolerate food, great thirst, but drinking causes distress,irregular heart, torpidity and slow pulse. It seems to be a diuretic in small doses, hence this effect can only be palliative and when so used it should be freshly prepared.

#Digitalis. [Dig] Cardiac dropsies; feeble irregular heart, feeling as if it should still with desire to take a deep breath; scanty, dark, albuminous urine, slow pulse, scrotum and penis swollen. Hydropericardium, hydrothorax. Cold sweat. Dropsies of brain. Post scarlatinal dropsy, anasarca with a bluish cyanotic color. In dropsies of the chest Mercurius sulphuratus should be remembered. Muriatic acid. Dropsy from cirrhosed liver.

#Helleborus. [Hell] This is a very useful remedy in many forms of dropsy. There is a jelly-like diarrhea, urine dark and scanty. It may be used in general anasarea, ascites, post scarlatinal dropsies, and here it has proved a marvelous remedy. Sudden dropsies, acute dropsies accompanied by great debility. Hydrocephalus.

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#Lachesis. [Lach] Dropsy, urine dark and albuminous, dark skin or bluish white. Hydrothorax with suffocative fits after scarlet fever may indicate the remedy. Terebinth. Dropsy from congestion of the kidney, dull aching in renal region and dark, smoky urine. Colchicum. Dropsy with dark urine, especially as a complication of rheumatism may indicate this remedy. Lycopodium. Dropsy from liver disease; lower half of body and abdomen distended. Ulcers form on lower extremities.

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