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Should not be forgotten in the treatment of tubercular meningitis, both as a local application to the head and internally (Bacil). Tuberculous conditions. Subacute and chronic diarrhœa of children.

Head.–Sharp, neuralgic pain. Head feels heavy, as if it could not be lifted from pillow. Itching of occiput. Meningitis. Sleep interrupted by sighing and cries. Very drowsy.

Eyes.–Pupils, dilated; contract unequally, react poorly. Diplopia. Failing sight due to retro-bulbar neuritis, central scotoma-partial atrophy of optic disc.

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Chest.–Sore pain in apex of right lung. Feeling of a weight on chest, as if smothering. Cough and wheezing on going to bed. Pain in left breast, like a hand grasping at the base of the heart. Hæmoptysis. Asthmatic breathing.

Abdomen.–Scaphoid abdomen. Chronic diarrhœa with suspected tuberculosis. Abdomen distended; mesenteric glands enlarged. Cholera infantum. Chronic diarrhœa; stools greenish, watery, undigested, with irritable temper.

Extremities.–Legs weak; cannot stand and walk with eyes closed. Weakness of knees when going upstairs.

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Dose.–Second trituration. Three grains on the back of the tongue will relieve attack of asthmatic breathing.

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