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MANCINELLA ,Hippomane-Manganeel Apple

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Hippomane-Manganeel Apple

Skin symptoms most marked. Dermatitis, with excessive vesiculation, oozing of sticky serum and formation of crusts. To be remembered in mental depressed states at puberty and at climacteric, with exalted sexuality (Hering). Loss of vision. Pain in the thumb.

Mind.–Silent mood, sadness. Wandering thoughts. Sudden vanishing of thought. Bashful. Fear of becoming insane.

Head.–Vertigo; head feels lights, empty. Scalp itches. Hair falls out after acute sickness.

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Nose.–Illusions of smell; of gunpowder, dung, etc. Pressure at root of nose.

Mouth.–Feels peppery. Copious, offensive saliva. Taste of blood. Burning of fauces. Dysphagia from constriction of throat and œsophagus.

Stomach.–Continual choking sensation rising from stomach. Vomiting of ingesta, followed by gripping and copious stools. Burning pains and black vomit.

Extremities.–Icy coldness of hands and feet. Pain in thumb.

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Skin.–Intense erythema. Vesicles. Fungoid growths. Erysipelas. Large blisters, as from scalds. Heavy, brown crusts and scabs. Pemphigus.

Relationship.–Compare: Croton; Jatropha; Canth; Anacard.

Dose.–Sixth to thirtieth potency.

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