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Marked action on the liver, with jaundice and mucous membranes. Persistent sleeplessness. Jaundice.

Mind.–Despondent, irritable, indifferent. Gloomy.

Head.–Scalp feels tight. Headache, with drowsiness; yellow sclerotica; aching in eyeballs. Pressure in vertex and forehead. Dull, heavy aching in temples and forehead on waking in the morning. Pain and stiffness in nape of neck.

Face.–Yellow, Itching and stinging. Creeping sensation.

Mouth.–Tongue furred, with bad taste in mouth, and nausea. Tenacious, thick, nauseous secretion. Tender, spongy and bleeding gums (Merc).

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Throat.–Constricted and rough feeling, with a constant desire to swallow. Stringy mucus; detached with difficulty.

Stomach.–Taste bitter and nauseous, with offensive breath. Complete loss appetite, but with a feeling of fullness in the stomach after a hearty meal. Strong desire for acids. Weak, sinking feeling in the epigastrium, approaching nausea; increased after eating; relieved by rapid walking.

Abdomen.–Dull pain in the region of the liver. Complete jaundice, with bronze-yellow skin; loss of appetite. Fullness in the stomach and abdomen. Scanty, yellow, frothy urine.

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Stool.–Constant discharge of flatus when walking. Urging to stool, with no other results than the expulsion of a great amount of flatus. Loose, light-colored stool; ash-colored and destitute of bile.

Urinary.–Dark, frothy, scanty, high-colored, biliary.

Sleep.–Disturbed, bad dreams and frequent waking; insomnia.

Extremities.–Staggering gait. Pain under shoulder-blades and back of neck, in all muscles, in hollow of right foot.

Skin.–Yellow and itching. Jaundice. Creeping sensation, as of insects.

Relationship.–Compare: Ptel; Cornus cir; Chelid; Lept; Fagop.

Antidote: Digit (jaundice).

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Dose.–Tincture, to third potency.

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