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PIPER NIGRUM– Black Pepper

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Black Pepper

Sensation of burning and pressure everywhere.

Mind.–Sad, apprehensive. Unable to concentrate; starts at any noise.

Head.–Heavy headache, as if temples were pressed in; pressure in nasal and facial bones. Eyes inflamed and burning. Red burning face. Bursting aching in eyeballs. Nose itches; sneezing; nosebleed. Lips dry and cracked.

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Throat.–Sore, feels raw, burns. Burning pain in tonsils.

Stomach.–Gastric discomfort. Full feeling. Great thirst. Flatulence. Tympanites. Colic and cramps.

Chest.–Dyspnœa, cough with pain in chest in spots, feels as if spitting blood. Palpitation, cardiac pain slow intermittent pulse. Great flow of milk.

Urinary.–Burning in bladder and urethra. Difficult micturition. Bladder feels full, swollen; frequent inclination without success. Priapism.

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Dose.–Low attenuations.

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