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PROPYLAMINUM ,Distilled Herring-brine

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Distilled Herring-brine

In acute rheumatism, dissipates fever and pain in a day or two. Rheumatic prosopalgia, and rheumatic metastases, especially heart lesions.

Extremities.–Pain in wrists and ankles; worse, slightest motion (Bry). Great restlessness and thirst. Rheumatism, needle held in fingers gets too heavy. Tingling and numbness of fingers. Pain in wrist and ankle, unable to stand.

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Relationship.–(Chenopodium vulvaria. The plant has an odor of decaying fish and contains a large amount of Propylamine. Weakness is lumbar and lower dorsal region).

Dose.–Ten to fifteen drops, in about six ounces of water; teaspoonful doses every two hours.


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