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Salicylic Acid

The symptoms point to its use in rheumatism, dyspepsia, and Meniere’s disease. Prostration after influenza; also tinnitus aurium and deafness. Hæmaturia.

Head.–Vertigo; tendency to fall to left side. Headache; confusion in head on rising suddenly. Incipient coryza. Piercing pain in temples.

Eyes.–Retinal hæmorrhage. Retinitis after influenza, also albuminuric.

Ears.–Roaring and ringing in ears. Deafness, with vertigo.

Throat.–Sore, red and swollen. Pharyngitis; swallowing difficult.

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Stomach.–Canker sores, with burning soreness and fetid breath. Flatulence; hot, sour belching. Putrid fermentation. Fermentative dyspepsia. Tongue purplish, leaden-colored; foul breath.

Stools.–Putrid diarrhœa; gastro-intestinal derangements, especially in children; stools like green frog’s spawn (Magn carb). Pruritus ani.

Extremities.–Knees swollen and painful. Acute articular rheumatism; worse, touch and motion, profuse sweat. Pain shifts. Sciatica, burning pain; worse at night. Copious foot-sweat and ill affects where suppressed.

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Skin.–Itching vesicles and pustules; better by scratching. Sweat without sleep. Urticaria. Hot and burning skin. Purpura. Herpes zoster. Necrosis and softening of bones.

Relationship.–Compare: Salol (rheumatic pain in joints, with soreness and stiffness, headache over eyes; urine violet-smelling); Colch; China; Lact ac. Spiræa and Gaultheria contain salicyl acid.

Dose.–Third decimal trituration. In acute articular rheumatism, 5 grains every 3 hours (Old school dose).

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