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Represents the ultimate end of proteid decomposition and is a constituent of human feces.

Acne with auto-intoxication dependent upon intestinal decomposition.

Stomach and abdominal symptoms and frontal headache. Sluggishness with no ambition. Desire to curse and swear.

Mind.–Lack of concentration; impossible to study; despondent; desire to be with people. Irritable. Felt mean towards everyone.

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Head.–Frontal headache, worse over left eye, in the evening, better by short sleep.

Gastric.–Tongue coated, foul taste. Salty taste to all cereals. Belching. Appetite increased. Light, yellow, narrow, very offensive stool. Intestinal dyspepsia.

Urinary.–Frequent, scanty, burning, difficult.

Sleep.–Increased desire to sleep; wakes unrefreshed, half doped feeling.

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Relationship.–Compare: Indol; Baptis; Sulph.

Dose.–Sixth potency.

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