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STRONTIUM CARBONICUM ,Carbonate of Strontia

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Carbonate of Strontia

Rheumatic pains, chronic sprains, stenosis of œsophagus. Pains make patient faint or sick all over. Chronic sequelæ of hæmorrhages, after operations with much oozing of blood and coldness and prostration. Arterio-sclerosis. High blood pressure with flushed face pulsating arteries, threatened apoplexy. Violent involuntary starts. Affections of bones, especially femur. Restlessness at night, smothering feeling. For shock after surgical operations. Neuritis, great sensitiveness to cold.

Head.–Vertigo with headache and nausea. Distensive pressure. Aches from nape of neck, spreading upwards; better wrapping head up warmly (Sil). Flushes in face; violent pulsating. Supraorbital neuralgia; pains increase and decrease slowly (Stann). Bloody crusts in nose. Face red; burns, itches. Itching, redness and burning of nose.

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Eyes.–Burning and redness of eyes. Pain and lachrymation on using eyes, with dancing and chromatic alterations of objects looked at.

Stomach.–Loss of appetite, aversion to meat, craves bread and beer. Food tasteless. Eructations after eating. Hiccough causes chest pains; cardialgia.

Abdomen.–Sticking in abdominal ring. Diarrhœa; worse at night; continuous urging; better towards morning. Burning in anus lasts a long time after stool (Ratanh). Uncomfortable fullness and swelling of abdomen.

Extremities.–Sciatica with œdema of ankle. Rheumatic pain in right shoulder. Rheumatism with diarrhœa. Gnawing as if in marrow of bones. Cramps in calves and soles. Chronic spasms, particularly of ankle-joint. Œdematous swelling. Icy-cold feet. Rheumatic pains, especially in joints. Veins of hands engorged.

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Fever.–Heat, with aversion to uncover or undress.

Skin.–Moist, itching, burning eruption; better in open air, especially warm sunshine. Sprains of ankle-joint, with œdema. Violent perspiration at night.

Modalities.–Better immersing in hot water; worse, change of weather; from being quiet; when beginning to move; great sensitiveness to cold.

Relationship.–Compare: Arnica; Ruta; Sil; Baryta c; Carbo; Stront jodat (arterio-sclerosis). Strontium brom (often gives excellent results where a bromide is indicated. Vomiting of pregnancy. Nervous dyspepsia. It is anti-fermentative and neutralizes excessive acidity). Stront nit (Morbid cravings; headache and eczema behind ears).

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Dose.–Sixth trituration and thirtieth potency.


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