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Of value in muscular weakness of the eye; hæmorrhage o thin, pale blood. Puerperal metritis. Diseases of the antrum (Kali hyd; Chelid).

Head.–Neuralgia (first right, then left side), with veil before eyes. Confusion, with dimness of vision. Much sneezing, with fluent coryza. Bleeding from nose.

Eyes.–Sensation as of gauze before eyes (Calc; Caust; Nat m). Binocular vision imperfect.

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Female.–Intense sore feeling about uterus; bearing-down, with hot sweat, but without relief. Much slimy leucorrhœa when walking (Bov; Carb an; Graph). Soreness and redness of external genitals (Thuj; Sulph). Pelvic inflammation, tympanites, abdominal tenderness and hot sweat which does not relieve.

Skin.–Urticaria. Violent itching, and burning like fire after scratching. Eruption of small, red itching pimples. Sweat warm and profuse soon after falling asleep. Sweat increases as rheumatic pains increase.

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Modalities.–Worse, in afternoon and evening; in warm room, heat of bed. Better, cool room, motion.

Relationship.–Compare: Lilium; Bellad.

Dose.–Tincture, to sixth potency.

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