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TORULA CEREVISIAE Saccharomyces , Yeast Plant

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Saccharomyces – Yeast Plant

Introduced by Drs. Lehman and Yingling. Not proved, hence clinical symptoms only but many have been verified. Sycotic remedy Anaphylactic states produced by proteins and enzymes (Yingling).

Head.–Aching back of head and neck. Headache and sharp pains all over. Worse from constipation. Sneezing and wheezing. Catarrhal discharge from posterior nares. Irritable and nervous.

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Stomach.–Bad taste. Nausea. Poor digestion. Belching of gas in stomach and abdomen. Soreness all over abdomen. Sense of fullness. Rumbling, pains shift, flatulence. Constipation. Sour, yeasty, moldy odor from discharges.

Extremities.–Backache, tired and weak from elbows and knees down. Hands cold like ice and go to sleep easily.

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Sleep.–Disturbed with much restlessness.

Skin.–Boils, recurrent. Itching eczema around ankles. Tinea versicolor.

Dose.–Pure yeast cake or potencies from 3rd to high. Yeast poultices are much used in skin diseases, boils and swelling.

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