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Treating Adenoids With Homeopathy

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Enlarged Adenoids and Homeopathy

Is your child having difficulty in breathing from nose during sleep? Have you noticed him snoring too often? Is he having recurrent sore throats and middle ear infections? Is your child a mouth breather? If most of your answers are yes then there is a great possibility that he could be having Enlarged adenoids. This enlargement of adenoids can affect your child’s health in many ways. ; Ranging from recurrent upper respiratory infections to hearing deficits. Homeopathy has a lot to offer for the treatment of enlarged adenoids. A well-focused homeopathic treatment can save your child’s adenoids from a surgeon’s knife.

What Are Adenoids

Adenoids are small structures made of lymphoid tissue (this is the same tissue off which the throat tonsils are made up of) present at the nasopharynx (where the back of the nasal passage and the throat meet). Their primary function is to produce lymphocytes. These lymphocytes are a part of our body’s natural defense system and destroy the microorganisms that enter our system. Thus adenoids are a part of our immune system.

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Why Do adenoids get Enlarged

Adenoids tend to get enlarged whenever there is an infection in upper respiratory area. Once the infection is over, adenoids get back to their normal size.If the infections are recurrent ,the adenoids go into a chronic state of enlargement. Although tonsils can be easily viewed in an open mouth, adenoids are not directly viewable. Enlarged adenoids can only be detected by an x-ray or by the symptoms shown by the child. Symptoms of enlarged adenoids are easily recognizable .The most common symptom is that of difficulty in breathing through the nose .This is most predominant at night when the child is sleeping. Disturbed nasal breathing in kids with enlarged adenoids shows up in two ways-Snoring and breathing through the mouth . If during the day time the child is showing the signs of mouth breathing ,the enlargement of adenoids is usually severe. The most worry some symptom is that of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea refers to a condition where the child has breathing pauses during sleep .This sleep disturbance manifests itself in the day time by paroxysmal drowsiness and difficulty in concentration in the kids .Other symptoms of enlarged adenoids may include bad breath and dry mouth. Increase in the size of adenoids leads to pressure changes on the Eustachian tube causing hearing difficulties and recurrent middle ear infections. Another complication that usually arises out of enlarged adenoids is recurrent infections in the sinuses – often called as sinusitis.

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Homeopathic medicines for Adenoids

Whether it be the tonsils or the adenoids, homeopathic philosophy has always believed in preserving these helpful body tissues. Homeopathy offers an excellent treatment for enlarged adenoids and complications arising from it. Homeopathic medicines Agraphis Nutans , Calcarea carb , Sambuccus Niagra and Calcarea flour lead the Homeopathic table in treating Enlarged adenoids. Agraphis is very handy when along with enlargement; the hearing of the child is also affected. While treating for adenoids the overall immunity of the child needs to be carefully looked at, as recurrent infections can lead the child into vicious cycle of enlarged adenoids and upper respiratory Infections. Frequent Infections issues can be dealt effectively by homeopathy by prescribing Constitutional homeopathic medicine.

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